Application of Graphite in Life

2019/5/24 11:00:35

1. As wear-resisting and lubricating materials: Many equipments for conveying corrosive media are widely used to make piston rings, sealing rings and bearings with graphite material. When they are running, they need not add lubricating oil. Graphite emulsion is also a good lubricant for many metals.

2. As conductive material: Graphite is widely used as the coating of electrodes, carbon tubes, brushes, carbon rods, positive poles of rectifiers, graphite washers, TV picture tubes and so on in the electrical industry.

3. As anti-scaling and anti-rust material: graphite can prevent boiler from scaling. Relevant unit tests show that adding a certain amount of graphite powder in water can prevent boiler surface scaling. In addition, graphite coated on metal chimneys, bridges, roofs and pipes can be anti-corrosion and rust-proof.